Great books touch our minds, hearts and take us to undiscovered lands. But for far too long, literary works have failed to capture the disability experience.

Based out of Minneapolis, Oleb Books seeks to expand representation of disability in literature, or D Lit, by publishing disability stories by emerging and mid-career writers with disabilities.

Oleb Books publishes one to two books a year in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

In novels, we present memorable protagonists with disabilities who are facing modern issues, as well as storylines that accurately capture the disability experience across genres.

In memoir, we bring vivid and piercing accounts of a person’s life, while in self-advocacy we cover topics that will improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Our poetry books evoke emotion and create rhythmic symbols to the disability experience, as well as illustrate the range of expressive diversity that exists within the disability community.

Our goal is to help writers with disabilities get their work read, and we produce eBooks, paperbacks, and audio books.