At Ontic Group, we believe that people are best able to achieve their goals (and discover that elusive feeling of purpose), when they are in pursuit of goals that are meaningful to them personally.

The best functioning organizations not only accept the fundamental relational human needs of its people, but enthusiastically embrace them. Smart companies know that what happens in people's lives outside of the office absolutely impacts how they perform at work. These companies, therefore, empower managers to develop the kind of high-quality, humanistic relationships with their teams that are critical to professional and personal success.

Ontic Group works with companies to transform their cultures by unleashing the drive, focus, and feeling of fulfillment that each one of us has experienced in our lives when striving for something that we care deeply about.

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Ontic Group, based in London and New York City, has been working with leaders and managers within tech, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, retail, ecommerce, advertising and marketing, government, foundations, NGOs, and public service since 2014.