Open D Community Builder is a cloud based application that works within websites to provide organizations with more manageable social marketing and communication control. Open D offers organizations a new approach to online marketing, visitor engagement, and community communications.

It is an advertizing free, cookie free, self contained environment for organizations to safely engage with their audience in a mature and mutually beneficial manner.

Open D is the brainchild of Ross Bartlett, an independent web developer who has been creating online solutions for private and public sector clients since 1991.

Through his experience, Ross has witnessed the ongoing struggle organizations experience trying to manage their on-line communication strategies within an ever evolving social media landscape.

Open D acts as a social marketing manager within your organization’s web presence to encourage visitor engagement, promote content sharing, and provide communication control.

Open D is easy to integrate with your existing website and social media sites, and comes complete with easy to follow integration instructions. You can transfer your existing email contact lists or contact manager details to your Open D account and make them work for you.