ORB telemedia Ltd, a Scottish registered telecom business founded in 2011 is a provider of a wide range of telecom services. With the services offered customers can save money on their outgoing calls, whilst making money on the inbound calls.

The outbound VoIP services, are categorised into A-Z rate decks, each one offers slightly different features, the top end full CLI routes offer T.38 fax support, and the lowest decks, offer a budget solution for cheap voice calls.

Inbound call services allow revenue share rebates, on many different number types, such as Virtual mobile, Non Geographic and fixed lines, as well as some of the best payouts in the industry on both domestic and international premium rate telephone numbers, (IPRN audiotext)  these are a good method of generating income from telephone calls.

Our VAS solutions are suitable for business and individuals alike, whether you are a TV quiz show, Call Center, Radio Station, Satellite Broadcaster, Chat Centre, Entrepeuneur even a newspaper, our world wide terminations are available to test..