Outlandish Labs was founded in 2012. Based out of Atlanta, the Outlandish Labs team is made up of industry professionals with decades of combined experience in building high-efficiency production-ready web applications in industry standard open source platforms. Our founding members represent a cross-section of innovative high-tech companies, with industry expertise in medical, advertising, marketing, and enterprise solutions.

- Process

High quality, on time solutions require a smooth process perfected over years of experience. At the heart of our process is transparency, the belief that our clients should be always know what we’re doing and where their project stands. To that end we practice daily stand ups which our clients are welcome to attend and weekly demos that showcase our progress. Constant communication and respect for our client’s ensures we can adapt quickly and save you time and money.

- Technologies

The right tool for the right job is more than just a nice saying, it’s the only way to build products that work. Ruby on Rails is one of our main toolsets that allows us to rapidly prototype solutions and quick feedback, but we’re not just Ruby. Our team has expanded to include expertise in Go, C#, Java and Python. When we work with our clients we make sure they’re getting the right solution to fit their needs.

- Community

A strong and vibrant development and design community is good for all of us. Most of the tools we work with are open source, and we understand the value of that philosophy. At Outlandish Labs we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community that has given us so much. From open source contributions to meetups and conferences we’re committed to making Atlanta a more complete software community