Ozone clothing began with the deceptively simple idea to live our passion and create our life as we see it to be. From the inspiration of our immediate tangible environment, and the wonder about the world beyond our daily experience, came a desire to create apparel that fills the gap between the concrete jungle, the greatness of mother earth and expanse of human emotion.  Ozone clothing represents a community of people who ride natures pipelines, defy gravity, carve their own path, and challenge the barriers of the man made world. Just as the ozone molecule is unstable, yet vital to our survival; the ability to live these experiences requires a passion for the unpredictable and the drive to push the limits of what defines our existence. We believe in our personal and professional responsibility to give back to the earth and the community. As we expand our apparel lines we will feature products that are recycled and sustainable, challenge manufactures to leave the lightest of footprints, support the American family, and donate to our community. 

Ozone clothing represents a global market of children, teen, young adult and adult board and action sports enthusiasts. Ozone’s designs reflect individuals who blend fashion cultures; resisting the past separate cliches of goth, punk, rockabilly, folk, indie and jocks.

Our products are environmentally and socially conscious crossover action apparel. Retailers benefit by carrying the Ozone line because it attracts a share of the market that is looking for moderately priced apparel that represents their passions and their values. Ozone is a collection brand, not limiting itself to only one category of board sports; but instead appealing to the emotions and lifestyle of action and board sports enthusiasts. Initial products offered are men’s and women’s  t-shirts, tanks, board shorts and hats. As the company expands the Ozone line will grow to include youth apparel, bathing suits, foot wear, and accessories.