About Paahun - Paahun is the only tour operator in India providing service exclusively to Foreign Tourists. "Paahun" in Hindi means "Guest" and in India there is a saying "Atithi Devo Bhava" meaning guests are like god. Hence, we treat you the same.

There are still such places in this beautiful country which are yet to be explored. There are still many cultures of India which the world hardly knows. There are etiquettes which are world class and more importantly, our people of India always welcome their guests with their arms thrown wide open. Foreign tourists come to India to see, understand and learn the real beauty of this country and not only for sightseeing.

While most of the tour operators across the country provide sightseeing opportunity, they don't put effort to bring that true India closer to their guests.

Paahun ensures they provide service beyond conventional tourism. We are continuously doing research to find out new and interesting circuit for our guests apart from the normally available ones. So on the one hand, Paahun provides you with an opportunity to see Indian highlights by their conventional tourism packages, while on the other hand it takes you to the places which are truly Indian in nature but still not heard of a lot. Our effort is focused to find out the traditional things in each and every part of the country which may become extinct in a few years time. So whether it is a small village which has got some ancient preserved values or it's any regional art form which highlights a culture, Paahun's aim is to bring it closer to its guests.

About India and Tourism - India is the world’s largest peninsula inhabiting more than a billion people. The subcontinent stretches from snowy peaks of Jammu & Kashmir in the North to the amazingly beautiful beaches of Kanyakumari in the extreme South. From the west, the Indian landmass stretches from the scorching hot sands of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan to the dense jungles of Nagaland and Mizoram in the east. It is the only country on earth which combines every kind of natural terrain. Beyond nature, India has got a great history which makes it a place to explore better and delve deeper. It is also known as the land of pilgrimage because of great presence of religions, temples, mosques, churches, etc. India is also one of the biggest contributors to eco-tourism and has a huge reserve of wildlife and forest.

India has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of domestic and foreign foreign touriststourists in the last several years. Foreign tourists inflow has been growing at a steady pace of 15-20% YoY and the average amount of money foreign tourists spend has reached above USD 2,000/head. Even during the tough times of global recession, India witnessed only a marginal decrease in the total foreign tourist arrival. Foreign tourists come from all across the globe to see its dazzling beauty. In a recent survey India was ranked the 4th best destination for tourism in the world