Our Philosophy

Underlying Marketing Philosophy of Page1Listings.com

Marketing of any kind should begin with the following questions answered:
1. Start with the end in mind. What is the goal of the campaign?
2. Matrix. How will the company know if the goal has been met?
3. Measure. What analytics will be used to determine progress?
4. Evaluate. What is the most effective and efficient method to achieve the goal?

Once these questions have been answered, if the campaign is internet based
1. Demographics. Who is the customer?
2. Think like your customer. How do you get your customer to your message?
3. Think like Google. How do you get Google to give you visibility?
4. A visit isn't a sale. How do you convert visitors into customers?
5. List building. How do you stay in touch with all interested visitors?

Changing your website into a conversion machine
1. Engage. How do you create feeling with visitors that you understand them?
2. Proof. How do you convince visitors that you can resolve their need?
3. Details. How do you provide details of benefits of your products or services?
4. Close. How do you effectively ask for the order?
5. Actions. How do you make it easy for the converted customer to take action.

Get your website seen by Google Search Engines
1. Search Engine Optimization of Titles and Textual content
2. Generating enough relevant content to be an expert in Google's eyes
3. Generating back links from suppliers and other relevant sites
4. Insuring that all descriptive content is consistent
5. Not making errors that will make Google unhappy

Now you are ready to get traffic to that website and create other online tools that are similar or sometimes even better than your website at converting customers.
1. YouTube Videos are extremely effective for many kinds of businesses.
2. PR releases sometimes show up very high on Google Search
3. Blogs, especially those that are part of MerchantCircle or other powerful websites can achieve excellent visibility.
4. Being listed on all local search engines is critical to visibility, especially Google Local Business Center
5. Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter

Paying for traffic if all these free methods are not enough
1. Pay per click or pay per call direct or through services
2. Paid listings on Local Search Engines
3. Google Ad Words and Adsense. Other similar on Yahoo
4. Paid banner ads
5. Paying for Back Links

A few happy customers.....

Page1Listings has increased our sales activity significantly. Both our unique visitors per day and our pass through or conversion rate to qualified leads have increased by over 100% since Page1listings began handling our Internet marketing. They were the right choice for us.

John Foley
VP RWS Corporation


Because of your marketing ideas that you put into reality, our business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 3 years.

Manfred Jossel
Awards Plus
Los Angeles, CA


I recommend Ollie and Page1Listings all the time to people who need website and Internet Marketing services. Not only is he a real stand-up kind of a guy but he knows what he is doing, as well as his whole team. They had my phone ringing from the first day my new website was launched. I am looking forward to seeing what more SEO will do for my business.

Steve Ferguson
Triumph Custom CNC & Laserworks
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Page1Listings,

Page1 Listings is professional, competent, experienced, and most importantly, know how to get you on page 1 of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It's been about 3 months since I began using them, and the results speak for themselves - more business at my door!! It's nice to work with a company that makes good on their promises. I look forward to continued success by working with Page1Listings."


Ali Javadkhani (Owner)
5 Star Auto Glass, Fairfax, VA




Page1listings has been a game changer for our company. Our business has increased by at least 30% after they did what I call their ?Magic?. We are now # 1 or # 2 on any searches for our products. This has been the best advertising investment ever. I highly recommend them.

Ruben Pina Sr., Owner
A1 BizCom Telephone and Data