Palm Yoga offers students two programs to grow and maintain their health:
The Palm Yoga Yoga for Beginners (YFB) program is the best program in Tampa Bay for people that are new or have limited experience with yoga. We teach a proven curriculum that covers all the basic yoga poses as well as basic breathing techniques. In our YFB program, you are not just put into the poses. We teach you how to move your body in and out of each pose safely. You will learn the proper alignment for each of the basic poses and, if necessary, adjustments that make it comfortable and appropriate for your body.  

Our Intermediate program is a natural progression from the Yoga for Beginners program.  In this program, we build on the basics learned in our YFB program.  In addition to exploring the basic poses on a deeper level, we learn deeper backbends, inversions and seated forward bends.  We also learn other pranayama (breathing) techniques as well as partner yoga work.  This program gives you the opportunity to come to class more often so you continue to develop your strength and flexibility.

About the owner:
Rebecca, owner and Director of Palm Yoga, has been doing yoga since childhood as a way of coping with asthma and allergies. Over the years, she has developed an acute sense of body awareness and an interest in using natural therapies rather than conventional “Western” medicine. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1997, she formalized her yoga practice and began teaching in 1999. Rebecca worked with several studios in the Los Angeles area and during that time participated in studio management, development of teacher training programs, as well as producing and marketing a beginners yoga video.

She has studied with many well known teachers from around the world including Kofi Busia, Rodney Yee and Erich Schiffman. Rebecca holds two teacher certifications, one from Planet Yoga Inc. and another as a Certified Relax and Renew restorative teacher by the foremost restorative teacher in the country, Judith Lasater. She continues to deepen her practice and teaching skills through participating in interesting workshops and training courses.

With Palm Yoga, she has taken technical and spiritual knowledge from all of her teachers and combined it with her own unique style of presentation to offer students a pleasing yoga experience. The studio welcomes students of all levels and strives to make everyone feel comfortable and open to learning and experiencing new things.