Our product line is different from others, due to an extraction of impurities on the molecular level. This innovative extraction process, known as Chiral Correct, increases product purity, concentration, and effectiveness, which in turn allows our products to be Toxin-Free.

Chiral molecules have a unique three dimensional shape composed of two sides that are mirror images of each other, yet not completely identical. The two sides, referred to as "L" and "D", have identical physical properties, but produce drastically different responses. Cell receptors are selective; they look for specific matching sides of the molecule to connect to that fit, function properly, perform, and meet their needs. For example, your right hand and left hand are mirror images, but you cannot wear a left glove on your right hand. The arrangement of your thumb and fingers in three dimensions makes your right hand and your left hand distinctively different from one another. It won't fit, function properly or meet your needs.

Chiral Correct means using the correct side of molecules to assure the identity, delivery, quality, purity and strength of the substance. The FDA states that "Using the correct side reduces the dosage needed by half, improves efficiency and eliminates the effects of the undesired side effects, such as irritation, sensitivities and toxicity." This is important for rosacea, acne, dermatitis and sensitive skin types in need of immediate benefits and relief.