PAS Publishing along with the affiliates possess more than 30 years of solid Artist Management and Talent Production experience combined together in the following area's:  Publishing; Tour/Road Management; Record Promotions; Artist Development; Music/Live Show Production; Lifestyles of Marketing & Promotions; Radio/TV (Programming and Filmmaking) Consulting; Artist Contract Negotiations, etc.  

Additionally, the creditable relationships our Artist Management & Talent Production  team has established with major and independent Record Labels, Film Production Companies, TV/Radio Executives, Distribution companies and so forth are the ultimate jumpstart for you as an Artist.  Although it is true that new and former talent is always being sought in the entertainment industry, our talent development strategies and solutions are tailored to forever contribute to countless successes time after time.

Overall, we pose a multitude of knowledge that is invaluable to the Corporate and Entertainment needs of passionate and talented Artists. If you are interested in learning more about our Artist Management and Talent Production services, please feel free to contact us directly by calling (773) 291-0629.