Hello, my name is Jason Chechik and I am the owner and founder of Passion To Profit. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I never really fit well in the J.O.B. lifestyle. I started my very first business at the ripe old age of 16 years and actually was pretty successful for a young lad. I was repairing computers for my friends, family and eventually all my neighbors and then it just grew from there.

I never really had anyone to show me how to successfully start and run a business so I had to learn the hard way; through trial and error and there was no shortage of errors.

One of my biggest successes to date is being able to claim more than half a million dollars of lost revenue and opportunity cost before the age of 22 due to mistakes that I have made. The reason I see this is a success is that I have since learned so many valuable lessons that will prevent me from making those same mistakes again.

Over the last 10 years, I have owned and operated several successful businesses in various different fields. I have also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to increase their visibility, attract more prospects and increase their bottom line. I am also the best selling author of Build It And They Won't Come: Unless you use these simple strategies & take control of your marketing!

My mission is to inspire small business entrepreneurs to achieve their purpose and passion by allowing them to be seen and heard in their marketplace so they can serve more. I get such a fulfilling feeling when I am able to bring new results to my clients and get to see their businesses transform for the better. This is why I am so passionate about what I do.

Don't wait another minute, if you are a passionate eager small business entrepreneur looking to improve your business in any way and think I can help, come to my website and schedule a short introduction call with me to see how I can help.