Paylogic still a rebel 5 years on:
2600% revenue growth despite looming crisis

5 years after its inception the results of Dutch startup Paylogic show their ticketing solution is the fastest grower on the European market. The Dutch Twinkle 100 Awards and the Deloitte Fast 50 Benelux unveiled the results Paylogic realized over the past years. In ticketing Paylogic is nearly the market leader in The Netherlands and is now selling tickets in over 15 countries on 3 continents and expanding rapidly.

In the Deloitte FAST 50 Benelux, the competition for fastest growing tech companies, Paylogic was awarded 4th place. Over a period of 5 years the revenue increased to 2590%. The Twinkle 100 positioned Paylogic as the 12th largest e-commerce company of The Netherlands. Paylogic jumped from the 60th place in 2010 to 12th in 2011, after an overwhelming growth. Over 1500 event companies are using Paylogic’s ticketing system on a daily basis and this number is increasing fast. CCO Jan Willem van der Meer says the market was unsatisfied and looking for alternative ticketing solutions. One that offers self empowerment, ownership, innovative solutions and lower costs. The formula suits both small event companies and large ones such as ID&T (Sensation) and Andre Rieu, both selling their tickets worldwide using Paylogic.

Paylogic now has offices in Berlin (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam and Groningen (The Netherlands). Over 5 major German event companies have chosen Paylogic over the established local market leader CTS Eventim. In Belgium Paylogic is growing with over 3 new signed event companies a week. More over, Paylogic sold tickets for events in Latin America, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Serbia and even Singapore. The idea is to expand into at least 3 new countries in 2012, and there too directly grow to serious market players.

The reason for this quick growth and expansion is the fact that Paylogic offers a combination for the event owner which exactly meets their needs: The ticketing process is in the hands of the event company and so are their event visitor data and marketing statistics. With Paylogic, the visitor buys tickets on the website of the event company and all visitor data is then owned by the event company and not by Paylogic. This is a ‘do-it-yourself’ formula with which Paylogic, offering a worldwide full-service ticketing solution (including event scanning and customer services), is unique. The system is free of set up costs and Paylogic does not charge the high prices event companies were used to. This, now worldwide available formula, is proven to be the perfect answer to event companies and their dissatisfaction with the formerly dominant traditional ticket suppliers.