Peak Health Alliance is a Summit County, Colorado-based non-profit health insurance purchasing cooperative working to lower the cost of healthcare by negotiating with providers and carriers using the purchasing power of an entire community. We were created in 2018 as a special project of the community non-profit The Summit Foundation because Summit County, Colorado has been known to have the highest cost of health insurance in the nation, despite enjoying status as the longest life span, the least obese, and the healthiest county in the entire country. By using deep data analysis of claims information provided by local organizations, Peak Health was able to identify the true cost of care in Summit County and begin negotiating directly with providers and specialty providers for better rates. Peak Health Alliance is not an insurance company but partners with carriers who offer the best benefits for its members.

With the help of legislation passed in 2019, Peak Health Alliance is able to offer innovative solutions throughout Colorado to help lower the cost of health insurance premiums. We are governed locally and focus on communities around Colorado, and will be offering insurance plans to individuals, small businesses, and the self-insured for coverage that begins January 1, 2020.