Penntext is a national used textbook retailer that specializes in selling discount textbooks and conducting end of semester textbook buybacks at over 100 college campuses. For over 18 years Penntext has given students the ability to go off campus for better prices when they buy or sell their textbooks. Buyback locations specifically provide students an additional local option to find better buyback offers.

Our Mission
We strongly believe that students deserve more options and student-centered customer service when they buy or sell their textbooks. For years students have been under-served! Campuses need to increase competition for the direct benefit of students. Penntext strives to provide this competition with an aggressive end of semester buyback program.

“We know that if students just shop around they will have a great opportunity to find a better deal. Trends are changing, more and more of the general population of students are comparing prices and finding themselves happier when doing business with us. Simply put, it pays to compare”, says Marshall Lieberman.

Our History
In 1991, Penntext was founded in a college dorm room at West Chester University of PA . Senior business management student Dan Lieberman became disillusioned with inflated prices and unsatisfactory service from the on-campus bookstore. Recognizing the need for something better, he and his family launched Penntext. In the same year, he opened a mobile textbook buyback location in the middle of campus.

The Liebermans received a positive response, which led to the opening of their first college bookstore in 1993. They realized students at campuses all over the country had the same issues. The Liebermans expanded to provide more competition and options for students. These efforts have allowed Penntext to become a four time Philly 100 winner (Philadelphia region fastest growing companies), and honored as the 2010 SBA “Eastern PA Family-Owned Business Of The Year”.

“We have never lost sight of the fact that students want better service, better pricing and more options. We operate the same way today as we did in my dorm room in 1991. Our goal is to help students, and we continue to fight to make sure students have those options,” says Dan Lieberman.

Our Advantages
-We buy more titles than most typical on-campus bookstores.
-We buy a ton of “zero-value” or old edition books that many bookstores will not pay for.
-We pay higher prices for textbooks that are no longer used at your campus.
-Increasing local competition provides students a fair chance to receive the most money for their textbooks.
-When it comes to selling back their books, the best thing for students to do is shop around for the best overall deal.