About Performedia International (Canada)

Founded in 2005, Performedia built to improve the quality and performance of communication as a differentiator. Strong, honest and knowledgeable communication is the foundation of success. It motives employees and customers, it successfully positions and sells products, and it develops and maintains trust and belief in a brand.

That’s what we do.

Performedia focuses on three main areas: brand, communication and growth. These are inextricably linked but require focus and maintenance to ensure there common development.

We do not profess to be “all things to all people” but have proven successes in:

·         the rapid development and implementation of business strategy

·          the creation, launch and management of marketing activities

·         the refinement and performance management of brand and sales strategy

·         the pivotal ability to deliver communications which raise companies above their competition.

Performedia has launched a number of products over the past 6 years: strategy books for the Fortune 2000, city-based IPTV solutions, Cleantech initiatives and environmental performance management services.

In January 2011, Performedia launched Whistler International which develops commercial partnerships within Whistler, and internationally, to strengthen, and grow, the resort’s economy and brand value.

Performedia is headquartered in Whistler and Vancouver, BC, Canada, with members of the team in Australia, the UK and Europe.