About Our Company ~

Performance Transformation, LLC is a professional coaching and strategic development company dedicated to delivering breakthrough results in a mindful, safe, and respectful manner.  Our team of professionally trained coaches, licensed counselors, horse handlers, and equine partners embrace a shared vision of cooperative, goal-oriented learning aimed at improving client performance and empowering healthy, personal and professional growth.

About Our Founder ~

Terry Murray is a writer, speaker, professional coach, and business executive with more than twenty years of progressive experience in real-world strategic development, leadership mentoring, and business execution.  His leadership in strategic development and execution for Fortune 1000 and start-up companies has directly contributed more than $1 billion in market capitalization growth throughout his career.  

About Our Services ~

Performance Transformation provides custom programs in leadership development (http://www.leadership-eq.com), team building (http://www.leadership-eq.com), sales training (http://www.sales-eq.com), as well as strategic development and executive coaching (http://www.performtransform.com).  Our evidence-based, innovative approach has been embraced by the U.S. military through our Warriors in Transition program which assists combat veterans with their re-assimilation to civilian life and the workforce.  The program, which is conducted in partnership with Quantum Leap Farm,  was formally commended by General David Petraeus in February, 2010.