Pets, Private Jets and Pet Nanny’s who knew?  Now you can relax when you take your pet with you, knowing that your little buddy is having fun with a Sit ‘n Stay Pet Nanny!  In addition to our training as Pet Professionals, most Sit ‘n Stay Professionals are also experienced Flight Attendants for commercial airlines and on private jets!
When your Pet Nanny joins you on the road your pet has a true vacation too!  We come armed with the latest apps pointing us to the best dog parks, cafes that allow us to dine together, stores we can shop in together, friendliest beaches to hit and best hikes to take.  Every day is filled with fun and pet adventure with someone your pet already knows and loves.  What could be better???

More and more people are choosing to fly on private jets not only for the security, convenience and comfort they provide, but also to be able to bring their pet along with them in the cabin.  We are licensed Flight Attendants with extensive experience on commercial and private jets and offer our exquisite in-flight service as part of our Pet Nanny Service.   We will handle all of the catering and pamper you with luxurious, elegant in-flight service that starts and ends your trip on the right note.  Best of all, we will cater specifically for your pet so he or she feels like an important guest as well!

We have also created specific safety recommendations and practices for pets on private jets so their trip is just as safe and secure as yours.  

One of the nice things about traveling by private jet is sharing the trip with your best friend.   This can also mean considering some new pre-flight and in-flight procedures to protect your pet while on board.  Not to mention taking care of your investment in the aircraft.

A few of these considerations start with a pre-flight briefing that includes bracing positions for your pet depending on size and location in the cabin.  Another requirement is a size appropriate car harness attached to your pet’s designated seat with a blanket draped over the seat to secure your pet during turbulence.  The blanket helps protect that nice buttery leather from Fido’s claws which he will use for traction and also aids in evacuating an injured pet.  These are just a sample of issues to be covered before your flight to make sure your flight is safe and relaxing.  Just as too many pets have been lost in cargo holds of commercial aircraft, too many have died or been injured unnecessarily in the cabins of private jets because they were improperly secured in the cabin.

Our business is providing cabin crews that are trained, not only in the highest safety, culinary and service standards of private flight attendants, but also how to insure the flight goes smoothly with Fido along.
When we are your Flight Attendants, your pet is never an afterthought but rather a celebrated guest in our cabin!