PSJ is a privately owned cooperation, with a strong focus to create customized solutions for industrial and research application. Through its more than 25 years of existence, PSJ has worked together with leading OEMs in the fields of semiconductor, photonics, metrology, aerospace and the automotive industry.

Together with our customers, we have developed systems that can achieve extreme levels of precision, high force generation, or stable high-frequency movements. PSJ's team of experts knows everything about motion and we share this passion with our customers. Reliability and excellent performance are the key factors of PSJ's success. PSJ has a sales network covering 25 countries from Australia to the US.

PSJ has two major lines of products: Low Power Stages and Actuators for positioning and frequency generation, used in microscopy, spectroscopy, laser positioning, 3D scanning, probes and wafer handling, and autofocus systems. High Power Actuators for pulse generation, fatigue testing, shaker systems, and vibration testing.