Brass Ring Enterprises is an independent film and TV production company that has just released the hot, new, controversial documentary film on DVD, "GOLD DIGGIN’:  For Love of Money".  Directed by Brass Ring's owner/President Pamela J. Richardson, "GOLD..." is shot in hi def and takes us inside the lives and minds of women and men who use their charms for financial gain and those who woo them.  Told from a non-cliche and original point of view, it shows how gold diggers are found in all walks of life and every social class.  It's not just the young bombshell with the rich old man, nor gigolo with the desperate housewife.  It's the common woman or man.  And, in an economy falling apart, anyone with an income could be a target. The film is available at the website www.loveofmoneymovie.com on DVD and as a digital download.  The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2008 and the African Diaspora Film Festival 2008.

Director/Producer/Writer Pamela J. Richardson’s other documentary film, "The Wonder Kids" (2008) (produced, directed and written w/Jim Petersen) features Dick Van Dyke, Savion Glover and Debbie Allen, amongst others, won best documentary in the New York Int'l Indie Film Fest (L.A. Version) in July 2008.   Richardson is a USC Film/TV grad whose other work includes producer and/or director music videos, commercials and PSAs and work as an Associate Producer on KNBC-TV shows, as well as in film and TV development.  

Also producers on "GOLD..." are Clyde Jones and Will Shipp.  Jones is best known as an actor in films like "Coming to America” and "The Fantasia Barrino Story", and more.  He has an extensive background as a director and actor in gospel plays across the country.  He's currently developing his next feature, in which he will direct and star "The Soul Glow Man".

Serving not only as a producer but also as Director of Photography, Will Shipp's beautiful handicraft is clearly on display in the film.  He has a long history as a camera operator, sound or technical engineer for network and cable TV shows, such as the Emmy Award winning "The Amazing Race", "Joes v. Pros", "Punk'd”, just to name a few.

Brass Ring Enterprises is currently developing the feature film "Hydraulix", a modern day "Westside Story" / "Romeo and Juliet", set to the backdrop of lowrider cars.  Many of the past projects involve Richardson's screenwriting skills.  The company's present mission is the marketing of "GOLD DIGGIN': For Love of Money" to the film's fullest potential.