PPI Group is a full-service agency with over 30 yrs of experience in the travel & cruise industry. Our team of experts utilize a number of digital channels and marketing mediums to design a comprehensive strategy for success:

Digital Advertizing
We take a transparent and organic approach to our campaigns, and offer our clients quality marketing built upon results. Digital Marketing is ever-evolving, which is why our team is constantly keeping up to date on the latest technological advances in digital advertising

Marketing & Promotions
From cruise line shopping programs to hotel in-room media, PPI Group provides all components for successful marketing and promotional campaigns.

Custom Publishing
A team of professional editors, writers, art directors, and regional sales managers can execute the production of a custom book or magazine from inception to print.

Video Production
A team of creative, talented, and experienced producers and editors are dedicated to creating fresh, engaging, high-quality media.

Porthole Magazine
PPI Group’s flagship cruise and travel lifestyle publication is available on newsstands and by both print and digital subscriptions.