prIME Assessments, established in Canada in 2016, is focused on leveraging technology to bring structure to the medical chart. By sequential algorithms prIME Assessment has developed methods to improve accessing data in the medical chart, wh

Re-thinking the IME.
​Structured  Data - Improved Analysis.

Independent Medical Evaluations plays a critical role in insurance case management and compensation cases.  Each year, hundreds of thousands of expensive IME reports are required for review.  
Unfortunately, many of these IME reports are poorly executed, resulting in added costs, supplementary examinations, inconsistent reports, and muddled results.  Concise reporting from structured data that directly responds to the insurer’s requirements is the route to optimize case efficiency while reducing additional costs.

Clearing Claims Quickly and Economically.

PrIME Assessments introduces IME360; an Independent Medical Evaluation system designed to reduce the need for IMEs and when required; optimizing the process and outcome. PrIME Assessments’ unique algorithm interprets the information available, identifies missing documentation and miscommunications. Often the requirement for an IME is resolved through this process.
The most common causes of resolution without an IME is identifying :
Incomplete medical records
Incomplete reading of diagnosis
Hastily produced,  hard to read documentation
Inconsistencies in documentation

Why Use prIME Assessments?
PrIME Assessments is an expert consulting service whose primary goal is to ensure that your organization gets the maximum benefit for your IME investment.
IME reports are costly, and the cost is often increased because of preventable miscommunication, poor chart consolidation, and unneeded supplementary reports.  In fact, oftentimes an IME isn’t even necessary; PrIME Assessments’ consultants know that from experience. Prime can identify these cases for you allowing an expedient and economical resolution.
PrIME Assessments and IME360 provides you the luxury of having Specialist Consultants on your staff.

Quality Reporting and Consolidated Information Completed by Experts
Our experts are true specialists in the  medical field with years of both clinical and evaluation IME experience.  They are meticulous and thorough. Our consultant’s rigorous workflow systems are able to identify inconsistencies in documentation as well as incomplete recordings of diagnosis—the primary reasons for unnecessary IME services and their additional supplementary reports.
If an IME is found to be needed, Prime has developed stringent techniques to streamline the process and reduce redundant supplementary reports:  
Chart Consolidation, Formatting, Tagging, Indexing and Data Structuring
Analytical Review
Expert Advisory System
Patient-Specific Approach
Tailored Questions for Case Resolution
​By combining chart consolidation, an expert advisory system, and patient-specific approach to questions at hand, we are able to assure that each case manager has the correct and needed information in an easily accessible format.  Complex medical documentation is presented in a clear and understandable format and the essential parameters needed for resolution are established.

By establishing essential parameters and bespoke questions for each case, we reduce the number of expensive and unnecessary supplementary reports. Supplemental reports are requested between 25-33% of the time an IME is carried out.  These added-costs stem from incomplete reporting, “new” information becoming available, mistiming of the assessment  and failure to target a specific issue through appropriate patient questioning.  Repeat reports can often result in confused and murky results for both the examiner, assessor, and patient. ​

Getting the IME right, the first time.

Prime understand that quality reporting is the single most important factor of the outcome of the IME process.  By combing medical experts with extensive experience in both clinical and evaluation roles, structuring the data available in the medical chart and the quality assurances systems of prIME Assessments, the advisory service assures the report satisfies the consumer’s requirements.

Purchasing IME services is a costly endeavour and often with an unpredictable result.  In most circumstances, there is just one opportunity to optimize outcome. Repeat and supplementary reports results in a clouded scenario. By analyzing the particulars of a case, our experts will identify and implement an IME request that maximizes the results:  a concise report that responds to the insurer’s requirements.

Prime services strive to maximize your purchasing power in ensuring the purchase of the best IME product available and reduce operating costs by assuring an optimized IME report addressing the critical issues of case management.