Prime Motivation, Inc. is a 501(C)3 Non-profit Corporation based in Chula Vista, California.

Established in 2004, “Prime Motivation” employs a fun, innovative, interactive platform, which promotes a positive message to youths in Southern California to “stay in school” and focus on future personal and career oriented goals.

Prime Motivation is designed  to give youths an overview of  the many, varied career opportunities that await them. By Incorporating live  demonstrations, hands-on workshops and educational  seminars  by  companies  and organizations from various industries, this event informs undecided and disadvantaged audiences of their potential futures through direct "Experiences".

The Prime Motivation Automotive Lifestyle Tour will visit (30) high school campuses during the 2013 - 2014 school year throughout Southern California.

At each campus visit, our team will showcase vehicle personalization using several customized vehicles to capture attention and discuss ideas on how to create their “Cool” vehicle. In addition, we enlighten teens about the various career opportunities in the Automotive Industry such as auto repair, auto body, paint, mobile electronics, and manufacturing.    

At every campus, thousands of teens have the opportunity to  LOOK, TOUCH, and SIT inside the vehicles.

This is a great opportunity to be exposed to over 70,000 teens in a captive environment that will be closer to driving or purchasing their first vehicle!

Each visit, Prime Motivation will place vehicles in high visibility on campus for several hours allowing the entire school campus the opportunity to interact.

Average students per campus:  2,400   (2,400 x 30 schools = 72,000)
Vehicles are placed “On Campus”  during school hours.
Conduct workshops and display booth
Signage and Branding
Giveaway opportunities
Anonymous surveys and  market research opportunities.

Prime Motivation will visit dozen’s of Southern California high schools with a mission of promoting a “Stay In School” message and motivating Teens about Career Tech education. The event will reach thousands of teens and young adults at high schools, skill centers, and regional occupational centers.