Provider and manufacturer of health and beauty equipment for consumer home use, delivering body wellness essentials to every home. Lose weight, improve complexion and battle signs of aging in the comfort and privacy of home, at an affordable price.

Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, Prodacta Essentials lives up to its name by being a top provider and manufacturer of advance innovative solutions in health, personal care and beauty, serving both domestic and international markets.

Founded on honesty, integrity, reliability and professionalism, Prodacta Essentials puts customer satisfaction, safety and product efficacy above else. Coupled with our accumulated years of expertise in personal wellbeing and beautifying systems, we bring a fresh and creative approach to personal care home electronics.

Proven to be safe and effective by leading doctors, universities and hospitals, our products are developed from the latest technology that have been cultivated from years of clinical trials. Each Prodacta Essentials product has undergone rigorous tests and consumer trials.

All our products are exclusive to us. This means topnotch customer service and security for you: know who you are dealing with from purchase to post-purchase and we know our products best.

Prodacta Essentials is a name you can trust. Our research and development team takes pride in bringing you products that has been approved by international and recognized health authorities such as FDA, GMP, CE and moreā€¦

We believe that external beauty should never be at the compromise of health and emotional wellbeing. Beauty is more than skin deep. It requires a bright mind, healthy body and balanced life. And everyone can be as confident, sexy and attractive as they desire to be.

This is why our range of essential products works from the inside out. Restoring natural body functions our products result in you feeling healthier, more energetic and confident.

Beauty and healthcare systems once available only in professional clinics and beauty salons, are now readily available for your disposal, anytime, anywhere, at your own comfort and time. Prodacta Essentials delivers these health, beauty and wellness essentials to your door.