Illegitimate and not expected to live, Sue Falcone, known as "Simply" Sue is an expert in the art of overcoming adversity.

"Simply" Sue has climbed over life's obstacles thrown in her path: fear, insecurity, physical and emotional abuse, doubt, obesity (weighing over 300 lbs), and financial meltdown (over $160k in debt). In spite of the trials, she overcame them to become a successful AT&T executive, and direct sales & service business owner.

Using this varied background and growth from life experiences, "Simply" Sue has transformed these principles and usesthem now as a dynamic International Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Published Author.

"Simply" Sue dared to live her dreams through her faith in God and developed tools for success, in spite of many adversities. Shes uses these proven strategies and equips companies, groups, and individuals who want to achieve their full potential now!