Maxcom was founded late 2008 with the expertise of a group of
professionals in the field of Electronic Security & Control, a list of satisfied
clients and dedicated suppliers.
We are bringing innovative systems and reliable services to the region.
Our team is also certified by Dubai Police to install Security systems.
Our mission statement for this company is to be a household name for
electronics in the region and a reliable source of products, services and
Ever since we started, MAXCOM brand became known in the field and
continues to expand in the neighboring countries.

Our Systems
• CCTV, surveillance cameras and digital video recording
• Access Control Systems, unlimited Doors & features
• Time Attendance Systems (Fingerprints & Face ID)
• Intrusion Detection Systems
• IP-CCTV systems

Our Solutions
• Smart Offices and Homes, Complete Automation
• Secure Storage and Safe Factories
• Remote Monitoring, and video management
• RetailEYE, tailor-made solutions for retail chains

CCTV (Conventional surveillance Systems) including night vision (complete
darkness cameras) and IP camera systems bundled with hybrid/Network Video Recorders (up to thousands of cameras in both cases), and digital video recorders that cater for mega establishments as well as the smalloffices, cameras will be available to you online using a light and convenient piece of software "or a web browser" to view
and manage an unlimited number of ocations and cameras anywhere in the
world, you can even view previously recorded video "and audio" for several
months in the past.

Access control card readers for multiple doors, monitored by software, accessible
through the Network with hundreds of protective and intuitive features as well as integration with other systems like CCTV and Alarm systems, Fingerprint / Face ID
detection and attendance systems.

Home automation and industrial alarm systems, allowing only Authorized people to
pass through doors & gates.

Time/Attendance systems, (fingerprint & Face ID terminals that control doors and
calculate employees attendance hours and payroll) accessible through the Network
scalable smart card systems, monitored and backed up remotely.
Intrusion Alarm Systems (Deterrence and detection of criminals before and during
burglary with police & owner notification) accessible through the Telephone/GSM line
or Network.

Smart Homes lighting & curtains control and automation through remote controls, scenario group keys (1 key controls multiple light switches) and schedule
programming, accessible through the Network.

Remote Monitoring / Surveillance and Control over the internet and mobile networks (for all the above systems).

We strongly believe that if you want to make the most of what you have; you’ll need to
have the highest possible amount of control over all your assets, and that’s one of
the greatest challenges.
Our products, solutions and accreditation include but not limited to:
- Registered and Authorized by Dubai Police for CCTV,  Intruder Detection, Access Control & Biometric detection systems, supply, Installation & maintenance
- Biometric Authentication:
Fingerprint, Face ID for Access Control & Time /Atendance
- Electronic Access Control systems scalable & integrated withCCTV and alarms
- Electronic Intruder Detection systems, a myriad of sensors ready and armed to convert any physical presence into action
- CCTV digital image recording, archiving for months at a time
- IP-­‐CCTV, Network, Cameras
- Security Systems Integration
- Intruder Detection systems
- Structured Cabling Systems
- Electronic article protection
- IP and data communication, CCTV, surveillance cameras and digital video recording,
CCTV telemetry, remote sensing, Monitoring & control.