Based in New York with offices in St. Louis, St. Louis, Profit Growth International (PGI) is a business services firm established to bring high-quality business and performance improvement solutions to small and mid market.  PGI’s business strategy and performance-improvement solutions help business owners drive improved sales and profits from all key areas of a company’s operations. Awards and Incentives are powered by Maritz Motivation.

Using the industry’s premier incentive and reward collection powered by Maritz Motivation Solutions, PGI’s performance improvement programs tie real and measurable achievements to meaningful rewards and incentives.  

Using a proprietary curriculum, PGI works with each client to build customized short, mid and long-term action steps, growth maps and exit strategies, and to implement the fundamentals of a well-run and successful business across every key business function including Sales, Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Finance.  The PGI curriculum includes a structured program of tightly focused meetings, action oriented reports, and real-world business plan templates, to accomplish a business owner’s goals and to drive small business success.