Project Petals is an organization focused on revitalizing underserved, low-income and under-resourced communities by providing community members in the New York metropolitan area with the necessary tools, funding and connections to transform their communities. Project Petals works to solve community development disparities, detrimental environmental conditions and justice issues by helping people to access resources that will help them prosper in their environment. For more information on Project Petals, to find out how to volunteer or donate to the organization, or to submit a local community for a renovation project, visit projectpetals.org or email info@projectpetals.org.

About Alicia White
Alicia White is the president and founder of Project Petals. A social entrepreneur, urban strategist, advisor and designer, Alicia’s vision was to start a non-profit organization focused on revitalizing under-served, low-income and under-resourced communities. With a passion and the skill set for identifying and redistributing resources, Alicia works to connect community members with the necessary tools, funding and connections they need to transform their communities.  Alicia is a stakeholder of the Habitat III Civil Society Working Group, part of the United Nation’s focus on housing and sustainable urban development.  Her work as a Pollination Project grantee was featured in the Huffington Post.  She was named a Discovery ID “Everyday Hero” and is a New York City Parks Foundation Fellow.