To be involved in the network marketing industry is amazing, as it is an industry that requires constant personal growth. Perhaps in the corporate world it is possible to shirk away from personal development, but network marketing definitely encourages you to grow as a person and reach the top. It encourages you to break your own self-imposed limits, and push ourselves further than you ever thought possible.
Exciting is an understatement; you never know what’s around the corner in this industry. Facing your fears and breaking past your own limits is a wonderful feeling – just as wonderful as helping and encouraging others to achieve their goals, break their limits, and ultimately succeed.

Here is my understanding about the creation of a new business. My blog is about phase 1.

In order to explain the 5 major phases of the online business, I will use the metaphor of building a house. What does it take to build a house?

1. The most important part is to build a road. You use the road to transport materials and access the lot. The road represents your personal development. You cannot start a business unless you grow to face the challenges and responsibilities that go into having a business. Your business will grow proportionally to your growth as a human being and a business person.

2. In order to have a business, you need a building. The house represents the technical steps of creating a website: buying a domain name, choosing a host, installing wordpress, choosing the theme, installing the necessary plugins, etc.

3. Then you have to furnish the house, which represents the content of your website. Content is king, as they say. Each unique piece of art, furniture, books, etc creates the personality of the house. Same with your content, including posts, videos, pictures, pages and so on.

4. When the house is ready, you have to invite guests. You have to write invitations and hold a great party. Sending the invitations is a good analogy with blog syndication, ppc and email marketing. Then when people come to your house, we call them traffic. You are so very excited that guests come over to appreciate your beautiful house, so you give everyone a gift which excites them in turn. They walk around your house and even sign your guest book (opt-in form).

5. The final goal is to turn your guests into loyal friends (customers), who come over again and again. They like your house so much that they decide to buy some of your art work, rent a room from time to time or use you as an advisor so they can build similar house. This is called conversion.