Proposalware provides a simple & fast cloud based sales proposal generation service with dynamic visual expressions.  Designed to be disruptively effective!  Proposalware allows any user to maintain a dynamic & digital price book which is securely stored in the cloud.  Proposalware users can log in from any data device and create a sales proposal or "free estimate" for their clients accessing any and all line items in the users digital price book library adding the line items with a simple finger tap on a mobile tablet and then instantly send the proposal as a dynamic link to their clients.  Each line item  includes the ability to present a product description, product images, product videos and any associated documents such as brochures, care manuals and warranty registration cards in their sales proposals automatically.  Pricing for each line item can be modified prior to sending the sales proposal or the pre set default price can prevail.  Proposalware is an annual subscription cloud based service starting at $34.95. Sign up or log in at http://www.proposalware.com