Climate Change is Personal; Decarbonization Starts with me-

The emerging Personal Energy (PE) sector created by Prsenl ("personal") adopts the consumer language and perspectives of innovation and new value creation inspired by new business models pioneered over the last 35 years in PCs, Internet, iPhones, and Apps. Indeed, as technology costs have come down, it is becoming apparent that further market penetration by new energy technologies like solar power, LEDs, electric vehicles and smart thermostats would depend upon more intensive market development.

By creating a new category, Prsenl as a first mover in marketing has defined new terms of competition to grow the market. A market services company, our primary strategy is a consumer platform, the me- Network, which will enable easier consumer decisions on letting go of Fossil Fuels and adopting new Personal Energy products and services. The me- Network will create market insights heretofore not available, based on new market data to feed data analytics engines and the Cloud as this sector comes of age.