Pooch Enterprises, LLC: Company Backgrounder

Pooch Enterprises developed “Pure Pooch,”  a line of all-natural, safe, and effective grooming products made from natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients and sold primarily through retail channels. It was incorporated in June of 2010 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida and the products are made in the U.S.A.

The Benefits of Pure Pooch to Consumers

The Pure Pooch line of shampoos are gentle on the skin because its made of coconut-based cleaners. In addition to effectively cleansing,  our tear-free formulas also contain Provitamin B5 and plant-derived conditioners. These help to soften the coat and eliminate tangles. Natural neem and citronella oils help to repel pests and protect your pet. And the soap-free shampoo won’t neutralize flea and tick treatments.

Pure Pooch contains organic sugar-cane enzyme deodorizers adding to the purity of our product and offering effective and safe odor-removing properties. The clean, light scents –Pure Powder, Pure Lavender, and Pure Grapefruit – will leave you wanting to snuggle closer to your pet.

The Benefits of Pure Pooch to Retailers

The Pure Pooch brand offers retailers a distinctive and appealing product to augment its consumer offerings. Its clean, simple, and straightforward message of purity will appeal to customers who are looking for a reliable and natural product for their pets. The unique logo clearly communicates the promise of purity for a pet and creates a memorable and easily recognizable symbol for future purchases.

Pure Pooch offers competitive margins at a retail a price point that is underserved in the marketplace. “The majority of shampoos we researched,” says Ron Akanowicz, Managing Partner, “were either in the $5.49-$8.99 range, or the $13.99-$16.99 range. We saw an opportunity to satisfy pet owners with an all-natural product that they’ve been waiting for at a price point that makes sense.” Pure Pooch suggested retail price is $12.99.

The company continues to develop new products and expects to launch two new additions to the Pure Pooch line in late 2011. “We’re exited about the public’s response to Pure Pooch and their enthusiasm for all-natural pet products. It’s the right thing to do,” says Akanowicz.

Finally, Pooch Enterprises strives to be a “triple-bottom-line” company through responsible stewardship of resources, support for shelters, and participation in our local community.

Pooch Enterprises, LLC is owned and operated by Duane Bonlie and Ron Akanowicz.