PutACart offers a way to quickly, cheaply, securely and professionally put an online shopping cart, capable of selling any type of product, on social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, and Squidoo.  It is also the most effortless ways to have an online cart on any blog or web site you operate.  Like we said, sell anything, anywhere.  

PutACart users pay a one time set up fee. That's it. No matter how any products, not matter how many sales, just one fee.  If you don't like PutACart once you've had a chance to use it, you are guaranteed to get your initial set up fee returned in full. PutACart's designers have played with most of the leading e-commerce solutions available and selected only truly useful and necessary features. This makes PutACart both easy to learn and use, while not sacrificing security or power. We guarantee PutACart users can have products online in less then 3 minutes and can manage products and orders just as easily