Quality Media Consultant Group is a consultancy firm specializing in media and marketing strategies that provide greater brand visibility, increased clientele, and more cash flow and revenue.  We develop and implement marketing plans and advertising programs that have impact, and provide measurable results.  We are committed to growing relationships built on solid trust and helping you grow your business.  As our potential client, your needs are of utmost importance to us. Quality Media Consultant Group is focused on providing excellent quality service for all of your advertising, marketing, and sales needs.

Our difference contributes to your overall success.

   *Thoughtful Leadership – Our CEO, Lori A. Manns has over 25 years of experience in all things media…marketing, advertising, and sales.
   *Knowledge  – We know your customers and how to best reach them.
   *Personalized Service -  You will receive customized service at all times. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We will do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations.
   *Creative Results – We will provide brilliant ideas to help you achieve results that will impact your bottom line!
   *Comprehensive Solutions – Just think of us as a member of your team. We will develop integrated solutions to provide you with the road map to success.
   *Our Commitment – From start-up to established small business owners, we will help you launch and grow your business to put you on the path of trailblazing success!

At Quality Media Consultant Group, we combine the art of advertising, and the magic of marketing with the science of sales to meet your media needs!