Crowdsourced testing uses a community of testers and users to perform compatibility, localization and user experience testing. The community provides diversity of devices and global user base needed for device and location coverage. Crowdsourced testing ensures the software works as expected across devices, regions and languages. It also provides valuable feedback about user experience to improve your software.
We offer both on demand and dedicated software testing solutions. Our tester community has over 30,000 members spread across 100 countries using over 10,000 devices. We can assemble a team of testers from any part of the world, matching any user profile, within 24 hours.

A managed crowdsourced testing project includes a team of specialist testers and crowd testers selected from our community. We have detailed information about each tester including location, language, devices and testing experience. Everyone is verified and rated after each test cycle. The detailed information and rating system allow us to identify the best tester for your project.
Specialist testers and crowd testers complement each other to ensure you get 3600 assurance about your application.

An experienced test manager manages the entire process. The test manager selects most suitable specialists and crowd testers for your software. She ensures testing is completed on time and provides the required coverage.  She analyses test results and provides you the final test report.