Online lead generation services and portals are often described as a ‘necessary evil’ by international real estate agents – we all need good supplies of fresh, quality leads, but the time wasted by your best salesmen every month wading through incorrect data and time-wasting enquirers, trying to find that one ‘needle in a haystack’ prospect that will bring a sale, can be very expensive to the business...

With this problem in mind, ‘Qualified Property Leads’ has been established to help real-estate agents and developers save time and money, by providing an expert outsourced qualification service, geared to your individual requirements.

Rather than setting up as yet another portal, instead, the QPL team will work as a no-hassle, low-cost add-on to your existing sources, saving you the overhead of full-time telesales staff to filter your data.

Once briefed on your products, the QPL team will work alongside you – as and when required - to hit the phones and qualify your incoming leads – weeding out the timewasters and bad data, so your key staff can stay focused on the prospects that really matter.

Director Chris Thompson quotes: With many years experience of the sales process in the property market, I know first-hand just how expensive, time-consuming and demoralising it can be managing a team facing thousands of leads with incorrect contact details, or scammers from far-flung corners of the world pretending they have money to send you! We’ve got a simple and cost effective solution to the problem – and the benefit is, you can switch the service on and off as you need us – no long-term commitments, we’re just there to help when you need that extra resource.’

QPL have a flexible pricing structure and plans to suit different firms with varying products and appetites for leads. Have a look at our website for more information.