There is something divinely sensational about basking in the beauty secrets of an ancient society. Lathering your skin in a luxurious 100% natural soap crafted from olive oil and laurel oil.
Tantalising. Exotic. Introducing Queen of Aleppo and some really fine long lasting 100% natural soap.
Queen of Aleppo beauty products are 100% natural and are handmade in northern Syria by an elite group of soap makers using techniques dating back over a thousand years.
Products are produced during the winter; after drying on aerated racks, Queen of Aleppo soaps are placed in special subterranean chambers for months to be aged – much like vintage wines. During the process, the soap changes to a deep gold colour, becoming even gentler as the ph level naturally changes to match that of skin.  The magnificent royal long lasting 100% natural soap is the brand’s specialty. It is made solely from olive oil and laurel oil; oils that refresh and purify the skin.
The soap is suitable for cleansing all skin types, from babies through to mature and sensitive skin. It’s a great travel space-saver and the range can also be used to cleanse hair, reduce dandruff and it’s the only soap that is impossible to lose in the bath as it floats in water!
And Queen of Aleppo is ethical! Free from chemical additives, parabens, preservatives, artificial colourings or synthetic fragrances, Queen of Aleppo soaps have not been tested on animals.
Available in the classic rectangular block (200g – 220g,) or as pressed round soaps (110g – 150g,–), all with the iconic Queen of Aleppo stamp, each bar is long-lasting and retains its form due to the extended maturation process. Visit Queenofaleppo.co.uk for more info.