QuEssentials aluminum product advantage

QuEssentials is a family owned business, retailing aluminum form holders, clipboards and many aluminum accessories for any business or individual use.

Aluminum is the most versatile metal available and QuEssentials products take full advantage of it by crafting it into the finest portable document storage on the market – making them light and durable so you can be confident that your documents are in safe place.

All QuEssentials products such as aluminum low profile form holder, aluminum clipboard, file folders and aluminum notepads are ready for purchase through our on-line store.  Your order is shipped within next two business days and you can purchase as much as you need. There are also instant volume discounts for orders as low as 10 and up to 100.

The Quessentials aluminum products have been in use throughout the world. From international oil refineries, medical facilities, police and military units as well as hundreds of individuals working independently as contractors or part of a team -- all trust QuEssentials aluminum products for their vital day-to-day operations.

Quessentials clipboards, form holders, notepads, card holders and all other aluminum products are built to last. With all the abuse you can throw at it, these products hold their value in durability and strength.