A new financial reporting tool makes generating consolidated financial statements in QuickBooks a breeze.  Reporting By Choice, a new financial reporting development company based in Miami, is launching a new software for QuickBooks that can help many growing companies.

The Reporting By Choice QuickBooks consolidations tool is a cloud based app that allows accountants to load from 2 to hundreds of QuickBooks QB files and generate financial reports with a couple clicks of the mouse.  Up until now, it could take hours to generate consolidated financial statements if a company is managing multiple files.  This is very time consuming and small mistakes or changes can require starting over from the beginning.  

"We developed this software based on a need we saw at a midsized client", said Peter Yu, CPA, Founder and President of Reporting By Choice and CEO of the consulting firm CPA By Choice.  "After experiencing the time consuming and tedious consolidations process in QuickBooks with over 30 companies, I knew there had to be a better way, so we developed the Reporting By Choice solution!"

The Reporting By Choice QuickBooks consolidations release is the first financial reporting tool from Reporting By Choice.