Qutesys is a Quality Certification, Test Engineering, Measurement & Monitoring organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty that no other firm can match.

Qutesys offers a consulting-led integrated portfolio of Quality Certification, Test Engineering, Measurement & Monitoring solutions delivered through its unique Full Spectrum Management Operation™ (FSMO™). We concentrate solely on testing software, business processes, and IT with the goal of helping our customers to achieve the benefits of their technology-enabled change faster.  Our business focuses on TaaS (Testing As A Service), SaaS (Software As A Service), and PaaS (Platform As A Service) models helping us deliver highly affordable testing solutions for products, devices, games, web apps, enterprise software, mobile apps and desktop application companies.

Companies ranging from garage start-ups to Fortune 500 giants are depending on IT platform mapped their business enablement have partnered with the us o get their enterprise, web, mobile, gaming, desktop applications and products independently verified, validated, tested and certified.