Qutesys® is Singapore headquartered independent ICT Test Engineering Company fully integrated to design, develop and deliver any Information & Communication Technology – Test Engineering offerings with ease to serve clients across the globe. 

We offer real-world quality & test engineering services through our professional testers attached our QGBH’s around the globe. 

Companies ranging from garage start-ups to Fortune 500 giants are depending on ICT platform mapped their business enablement have partnered with the Qutelab to get their enterprise, web, mobile, gaming and desktop applications independently verified, validated, tested and certified. 

Qutesys endows 10 commandments, to enrich our customer businesses 

1. To launch higher degree quality products; 
2. Get products faster to market 
3. Reduce the cost of testing 
4. Increases productivity enhancement 
5. Faster taking the decision 
6. Enhancing product stability 
7. Increasing user experience 
8. Achieving optimum product health 
9. Complying Industry standards 
10. Accelerate Business Process 

Qutesys offerings are truly RApT (Rapid Application Testing) model based, on-demand, highly scalable and optimally utilised for long-term commitments. 

Qutesys offerings rely on PPT (Pay per Test) scheme railing on our sophisticated PAAS (Platform As A Service) environment, enabling customers a highly cost effective Pay as You Test model driven engagements. 

“If a user can do IT#, Qutesys can test IT#!” 
(# read as ICT)