The new and updated Q Wealth Practical Offshore Banking Guide 2010 is available right now for instant download in the Members' Area - free of charge for all Members.

Acting on outdated information can be dangerous to your wealth! Since we first produced this manual in 2008 a great deal has changed. This new 2010 edition has been revised and updated to reflect developments during 2009 in the offshore banking world. As offshore banking and asset protection guru Peter Macfarlane, who is now entering his fourteenth year writing and consulting about offshore banks and bank accounts, says:

Contrary to the propaganda, going offshore is completely legal. There are numerous legitimate reasons for going offshore, and more individuals and major corporations are jumping ship every day to land up in banking havens. As governments get more vicious and seek even more ways to get at your money, you want to be offshore more than ever. There are plenty of ways you can still protect your assets offshore, even against hidden taxes like devaluation. You will read about them in this free guide!

Whether you are just dipping your toes in the water to diversify into other currencies, or you are already an experienced and sophisticated international investor, you will find important, up-to-date information here that is vital to your personal and strategic wealth planning!

Besides advice and intelligence it includes specific contact information: A Shortlist of 9 of the Best Offshore Banks specifically tried, tested and recommended by Peter for Q Wealth members, together with web links and contact details. Using this information you can open your account fast… often with no minimum deposit so you can test the waters.

In Peter's clear, concise, easy to understand language you will learn things like: