Radex Distribution offers a full turnkey solution to your order fulfillment & distribution needs.

Who is Radex Distribution?  We are a well-established provider of warehousing/transportation services with over 70 years of experience.  Our clients have ranged from large national merchants like Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, K-Mart, Safeway and Kroger to a variety of small enterprises launching a business.  We currently receive a variety of product from Hong Kong ranging from furniture, toys, house wares and textiles to electronics and prepackaged food items.  We have operations in Los Angeles, CA – 600,000Sq.Ft. with 138 dock doors & the Midwest, Naperville, IL – 721,000Sq.Ft. with 116 dock doors.  Radex has had significant experience with high volume activity as well as start-ups.  We have a variety of communication methods including full EDI, TCP/IP as well as FTP Protocol and E-mail for smaller companies.

For your distribution needs.  Radex can fulfill all of your distribution and logistics needs. Based in Los Angeles and the Chicago metro area, Radex has the expert staff, customer service, facilities, equipment and systems to serve you.  Radex operates a 180,000 square foot facility handling inbound merchandise from the harbor and distributing that product to outlets and other distribution centers.  One of our divisions operates as the West Coast Import Distribution Center for a major retailer servicing the western half of the United States.  In doing this, we handle in excess of 5,000 containers of import merchandise from various sources in the Orient.  We also process over 90,000 individual shipments to various customer distribution facilities and retail stores within the United States.  Whether it is transportation, warehousing, third party logistics, eCommerce or catalog order fulfillment.  Radex has provided supply chain specialized services with unparalleled quality for over 70 years!  Radex offers fully customizable software and EDI solutions too.  We also specialize in retail store replenishment programs.  Radex also features complete return processing to fit your every need.  

When you work with us, you'll have a dedicated account team that understands your business needs and objectives and delivers scalable, cost-effective solutions, freeing you and your staff to focus on developing new ideas, product lines, and marketing plans.

If you would like additional information on how we can provide you better service then your current provider plus save you time & money, please feel free to contact us.  I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how Radex Distribution can provide excellent service and cost saving solutions at your earliest convenience.

Steve Roskelley – Executive V.P. – (323) 981-8120 – sroskelley@radexdist.com

Humberto Gerdts – Sales Rep. – (323) 981-8133 – hgerdts@radexdist.com