RateTea is an online community where anyone can rate and review teas.  RateTea was founded in 2009 by Alex Zorach, and is owned and managed through Merit Exchange LLC. RateTea was launched to the public on Sep. 18, 2009.

RateTea employs an editorial team led by Alex Zorach, which screens reviews on the site in order to maintain the integrity of the ratings on the site.  RateTea is an impartial resource, researching tea and providing accurate information about styles and varieties of tea, tea-producing regions, health effects of tea, and other tea-related topics.  RateTea has a database of teas indexed by brand, style, and region, and lists both loose and teabag teas, but not bottled teas.

In addition to being a resource for tea drinkers to learn about tea and discover new teas, RateTea has resources for tea companies to gain free visibility for their products.  We also collect data that can be useful for making both personal recommendations and for tea companies to do research on how their products are perceived relative to those of other companies.