Ratio’s vision is to create a level playing field, for everyone, by enabling access to equitable opportunities and addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. Ratio leverages its core technology to drive social impact and sustainable development. At our core, we know that by helping drive meaningful change in a tumultuous world, we can bend the universe for the better. With our partners, innovators, clients, and team, we enable inclusive economic growth and solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Ratio's Racial Equity Team is committed to creating opportunities fo Black entrepreneurs. Brittney Dias, Ratio Equity Advisor for Ratio, focuses on opportunities that open doors for Black youth. She is author of Ava & Mae Own a Lemonade Stand. This is a book for 6-9year old children that teaches entrpenurial vocabulary and increases racial representation in children's literature. Learn more about this project at https://www.avaandmae.com/