ravZen, LLC is a Seattle based home based business specializing in women's issues, health and holistic healing therapies and self-sufficiency and empowerment methods for everyone.

ravZen, LLC supports the development of home based businesses that are centered around family, community, non-violence and spiritual awareness. ravZen.com provides free resources for small and home based businesses. It offers support for those seeking a more centered lifestyle in health, happiness and in discovering the passion of their life's work.

Owner Robin Austin created ravZen (Robin Austin's Virtual Zen) after over 25 years in the legal profession. Discouraged by the money-focused mentality of corporate employment, ravZen was created with the intent of helping others find their own Zen in the time they exchange for the money they earn.

ravZen's other virtual holdings include healthy eating, holistic healing and spiritual based relationships sites. Its motto is borrowed from the teaches of Tao Te Ching: In work do what  you enjoy.  Visit ravZen.com for more information.