Real U is here to spread MindFUNness across the globe to Empower the Next Generation, equipping them with a "Bully-proof" vest. We have been on the leading edge, creating a unique peer-to-peer Resiliency and MindFUNness Training for children from 4-10. Our trainer Danica, who is 11, shares with children how to boost their self-worth, create resiliency, trust in themselves and live in gratitude!

We are creating MindFUNness programs that everybody loves and therefore creating a movement of change in this world! A place were patience, caring, and compassion are embraced!

We are spreading MindFUNness across the globe and reach as many children as possible!  

As research suggests, if a generation of children grow up practicing MindFUNness every day, they would process trauma in healthier ways, have fewer mental health and substance disorders, and unveil compassion for themselves and others.  

Real U isn’t waiting!  They’re creating change NOW!

Real U has and continues to create programs designed to improve attention span, creativity, resiliency and instill emotional agility!  Our programs are similar to riding a bicycle, the more one rides (practices) the more natural it feels.  We want these practices to become ingrained and second nature to our students.  The training wheels will no longer be necessary, as they navigate through life.  Students will become “Unshakeable” in times where others may be submerged in doubt and uncertainty!