Remember when you could go outside and garden and your kids could play?  Remember when you were just concerned with putting on insect repellent at dusk or dawn?  
Remember when you got 1 or 2 bites not 10 in a 5 minutes?
Remember when mosquitoes were a nuisance not a hazard?
Unfortunately, times have changed, and we have slowly changed our summer routine of being out in our yards and neighborhoods because there are swarms of mosquitoes, during the day.  We are frustrated, wary of disease and wearing a DEET based product all day -- concerned with what else we are killing when we spray a pesticide.  So a lot of us have giving up our yards and our summer outdoor fun.  

DON’T GIVE UP RECLAIM YOUR YARD!  Introducing Dragonfly Soup©. an All Natural Mosquito Control System by Reclaim Technologies LLC! This patent pending yard spray  is very effective in eliminating mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers, aphids, grasshoppers and all sorts of pesky insects without harming you, your pets, your plants, beneficial insects or the environment. 100% PLANT BASED!!  Made with herbs and ingredients that you find in your cupboard or in cupboards around the world.   REPELS, KILLS LARVAE, OVER TIME STOPS THEM FROM BREEDING IN YOUR YARD!  95% EFFECTIVE* ON WORKS ON TIGER MOSQUITOS.  If you are a neighborhood association/a group of neighbors at least 5 adjacent houses, a corporation, park, municipality, landscaper or multi-acred space; contact us for our yard services and wholesale.