Recruit with ZEAL is a unique medical and healthcare recruiting business, based on a few simple principles:

Targeting the most “in-demand” positions
Using technology to work smarter
Leveraging the involvement of others

ZEAL is really a collection of top producing healthcare recruiting company Owners and Agents that specialize in key, high-demand areas of healthcare:

Specialty Physicians
Nurse Practitioners
Physical Therapists
Clinical Pharmacy
Health Information Technology

Recruit with ZEAL uses cutting edge technology and software to identify contact information for the candidates we target and the employers we contract with. Separate tools are used for online marketing and management of remotely located sales teams.

ZEAL assists its business Owners to build sales teams of independent “Recruiters” that perform the frontline initial contact functions associated with healthcare recruiting. Everything ZEAL does is designed help its member companies optimize their revenue potential.

Recruit With ZEAL also provides free training for "Finders" who can source healthcare candidates and receive attractive finder's fees.

We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity in helping the millions of Americans who are out of work to make the income they want with a career in the healthcare recruiting field. Today, there are a tremendous number of high-quality business professionals who aren’t getting called in for a second interview or are working for half of what they made a few years ago.

The big opportunity, for ZEAL, is the sheer volume of individuals looking for a way to make more money. Recruit with ZEAL puts these people to work and is then incentivized (with a 10% share of their efforts) to help them succeed.

Healthcare recruiting is hard-work. The goal of Recruit with ZEAL is to help entrepreneurial individuals to channel their existing skills to healthcare recruiting related businesses that provide them with an advantage.