Great achievement for Redbricks school was when the interaction of the students of Redbricks and the counterparts from U.S.  - Y. E Smith School Durham was featured in many of the local Newspapers in U.S. The exchange programme was initiated by the school coordinator Ms. Padma Kumar and Mr. Nikhil Raval (Managing Director - Duke corporate Education IIM Ahmedabad). The introduction was done by a power point presentation sent to U.S about Ahmedabad and Redbricks  school . In the same way the students had also received a power point presentation  from Y.E Smith School Durham about the location of the  place and the school .It had all the details regarding both the places in the world map and then the exact  location in the state .Further the students started researching on different aspects related to culture,clothing ,food ,lifestyle, the school curriculum  and  the environment . After having a considerable amount of knowledge  about each other ,the  six students from Y.E. Smith Elementary School joined the six counterparts from India on Friday 21.3.2014  in a global teleconference organized by the Durham Rotary Club and Duke CE  (IIMA Campus). The students from both the schools interacted with each other based on their curiosity . They also shared stories with each other . To their surprise the  programme organizer Mr. Todd Taylor had arranged a chef from U.S who showed them how to make “Apple Dumpling” which is a very famous sweet dish in Durham .
At the end of the 70-minutes conference, the participants on both sides of the globe joined in group photo with Duke CE's Todd Taylor, the program organizer, Principal Letisha Judd(Y.E Smith School Durham) ,six AIG students from Y.E. Smith , six students and the facilitators (Ms.Khyati Acharya and Ms. Shini Nair ) from Red Bricks School in Ahmedabad, India, on screen.